Just cleans with cold water

We are proud and excited to be one of the leading stockist of Eco+ Carpet by Godfrey Hirst.  eco+ carpet is made with Dupont™ Sorona®, renewably sourced™ polymer*. Godfrey Hirst eco+ ® offers the next generation carpet performance. Godfrey Hirst eco+ ® carpets have permanent stain protection built into every fibre that never wears off. All eco+® carpets feature Soft to Touch® technology.


Key Features

  • Extensive range
  • Cut Piles & Twist Piles
  • Soft Sorona Carpets
  • 25 year Warranties 
  • Wear Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Residential Extra Heavy Duty Ratings
  • Made in Australia

Our Range

Dream View
Coastal Weave
Pacific View
Natural Trends
Soft Haze
Diamond Point

More about the Eco+ Collection

Cleans with just cold water

All you need is cold water to remove the most stubborn household food and beverage spills - even red wine and cordial. With no need for chemicals, cleaning your carpet has never been easier. Put simply, staining can occur on regular carpets when a spill bonds to the fibre. But with eco+ ® carpet, spills sit on the outside of the fibre,where they can be washed away with just cold water. This is thanks to the breakthrough eco+ ® triexta fibre that is totally impervious to liquids, with no surface bonding sites for permanent stains. You can also play with your pets indoors worry free, thanks to a lifetime pet protection guarantee ^ on all eco+ ® carpets.


Exceptionally soft & durable

The triexta fibres used in eco+® carpet have been specially engineered with a unique ‘kinked’ molecular structure. This means eco+® carpets resist wear, crushing and matting and continue to bounce back into shape after vacuuming. Regular fibre molecular structure eco+® triexta kinked molecular structure A warm home with soft, comfortable carpet can be fantastic for your wellbeing. From the moment you sink your toes into eco+® carpet you can feel a sense of calm as your mind and body begin to relax and unwind.

Soft on the environment

You can enjoy a beautifully soft and durable eco+® carpet that’s also soft on the environment. Godfrey Hirst has combined innovative carpet manufacturing with breakthrough Sorona® polymer technology from DuPont™ to develop eco+® carpet. Eco+® carpets are made from Sorona® renewably sourced™ polymer which contains 37 percent natural corn sugar. By using renewable, farm grown materials, Sorona® places less reliance on limited natural resources, facilitates reduced energy use and fewer greenhouse gas emissions during production.


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